Update: Mayor Finch & “Education Reformers” spend record amount in bid to take away Bridgeport voters’ rights!

Bad enough that Bridgeport political and business leaders are trying to reduce the democratic rights of Bridgeport voters, but the next most shocking factor is they are using the people’s money to do it.

In addition to all the time Mayor Finch has dedicated to the effort, a major portion of the money that is paying for all the mailings and television ads have been donated by United Illuminating, Bridgeport Hospital, St. Vincent Medical Center, Aquarion Water Company and Harbor Yard, all entities funded, at least in part, by Bridgeport residents and Connecticut taxpayers.

Add $20,000 from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and Residents For A Better Bridgeport, the political action committee behind the campaign to support Mayor Bill Finch’s power grab to eliminate a democratically elected school board and replace it with one appointed by him, will break all the records when it comes to spending money on behalf of a charter change.

Bridgeport Hospital donated $14,422.90

St. Vincent Medical Center donated $14,400

United Illuminating donated $10,000

Aquarion Water Company donated $14,000

Harbor Yard Sports & Entertainment donated $14,442.90

Think about it…

Bridgeport’s two hospitals that are dedicated to providing emergency and critical care to the people Bridgeport and Fairfield County.

Last year, Bridgeport Hospital provided $13.6 million in care to people who had no health insurance.  Add in the bad debts from people who couldn’t pay their full bill, and Bridgeport’s total level of uncompensated care exceeded $41.9 million

Meanwhile, St. Vincent Medical Center provided $9 million in care to those with no health insurance.  Add in their bad patient debts and St. Vincent’s total uncompensated care was $41.8 million.

However, apparently they both have the financial resources to make maximum donations to an effort to undermine democracy in the city that they call home.

And yet, every year, these two hospitals beg the Governor and General Assembly for financial support to stay in business.

So how do these hospitals stay in business?

The State of Connecticut provides these hospitals with major subsidies, using taxpayer funds.

Meanwhile, storm or no storm, UI can find an extra $10,000, the regional water company $14,000 and the publicly funded Harbor Yard can find just over $14,400.  All receive direct funding from taxpayers, rate payers, tax breaks or money from the hard working families of the region.

But without your knowledge or support, some of these funds are being diverted from providing services to paying for Mayor Finch’s immoral political power grab.

Of course, when it comes to using scarce resources, corporate executives, like those at the two hospitals Bridgeport hospitals find other favorite ways to spend your money:

Bridgeport Hospital:  Total salary and compensation for top corporate executives

President/CEO William Jennings:             $764,770
Senior Vice President of Finance/CFO    $688,999
Senior VP of Human Resources                  $468,241
Senior VP/COO                                                  $458,001
Vice President                                                   $452,611

St. Vincent Medical Center:  Total salary and compensation for top corporate executives

President/CEO Susan David                        $1,484,755
Senior VP of Finance/CFO                           $567,478
Senior VP $                                                        $456,215
Vice President                                                  $455,920

So next time you pay your taxes, or write out your health insurance premium payment, or pay your water bill or simply try to come up with the money to take your kids to an entertainment event, remember just where some of that money is going.

And it’s not like there is no one who could step in and stop this madness.

All of these organizations have Boards of Trustees or executive leadership teams who could be speaking out for the people of the region…but they aren’t.

Bridgeport Hospital Board of Trustees:

David Bindelglass
Emily E. Blair
Gayle L. Capozzalo
George P. Carter
John Falconi
Robert S. Folman
Richard M. Freedman
Janet M. Hansen
Richard M. Hoyt
William G. Hulcher
Peter F. Hurst
William M. Jennings
Newman Marsilius, III
Patricia L. McDermott
Ronald B. Noren
Jeffrey P. Pino
Meredith B. Reuben
Howard L. Taubin

St. Vincent Medical Center Board of Trustees

Sr. Martha Beaudoin
Peter Boone
Susan L. Davis
George Goldfarb
Daniel Gottschall
Edward T. Grossman
Sr. Maura Hobart
Anthony Milano
Manuel Pun
Ruben Rodriguez
Charles Strauss
Anthony Vallillo
Brian Worrell

United Illuminating Board of Directors

Thelma R. Albright
Arnold L. Chase
Betsy Henley-Cohn
Suedeen G. Kelly
John L. Lahey
Daniel J. Miglio
William F. Murdy
Donald R. Shassian
James P. Torgerson

Aquarion Water Company Executives

Charles V. Firlotte , President and Chief Executive Officer
Donald J. Morrissey, Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary
Howard J. Dunn, Vice President, Operations – Aquarion Company
Bruce T. Silverstone, Vice President, Corporate Communications
Doug Kniffin, Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Here are just a few of the companies and organizations that are funding the anti-democracy campaign.  More names to come…

Company/Organization Amount
Aquarium Water Company: $14,000
AT&T Connecticut Employee PAC $2,000
Benchmark Trademark Ltd $5,000
Bradford Evans (Senior Advisor Morgan Stanley) $25,000
Bismark Construction Company $3,500
Bridgeport and Port Jefferson Company $14,000
Bridgeport Hospital $14,442.90
Charles Valentino, State Marshall $1,000
CT Coalition for Advancement Now (ConnAD) $14,000
Hal Rosnick (Attorney) $500
Harbor Yard Sports and Entertainment LLC $14,442.90
Jarvis Group LLC, NY (in-kind video) $14,376.40
Juda Epstein (Attorney) $1,000.00
Mark Tillenger $2,500
Merit Insurance $2,500
Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of  New York City $25,000
Michael Halperin, Washington, CT $2,500
Poko Core Builders, Farmington, CT $2,500
Pullman & Comley (law firm with significant state business) $7,000
St. Vincent’s Hospital $14,400
Steven Simmons, Greenwich, CT $1,000
United Illuminating 10,000
WC & F Real Estate and Development $1,000
Zachary Zeitlin (Silver Point Capital, Westport) $2,000
2 Dog Media (in-kind web design) $1,200
*The Latest from the CT Post can be found here:http://www.ctpost.com/default/article/Ed-board-charter-change-divides-voters-4007166.php