NEWS FLASH: “It is not a conflict” says Malloy school board appointee whose family “wins” half a million dollar contract.

Not a Conflict says Malloy school board appointee whose family company will get 60 of 130 new preschool slots in Bridgeport.

The Connecticut Post has picked up on the news that two daycare facilities that are personally connected to one of the Malloy Administration’s seven appointees to Bridgeport’s illegal board of education has “won” nearly half of all the new preschool slots the state is funding in Bridgeport.

According to the CT Post, “Nearly half of the new preschool slots awarded by the state to the city are going to a program that is part of the ministry of Rev. Kenneth Moales Jr., a state-appointed city school board member.”

The article continues that “Kingdom’s Little Ones Christian Academy, an East End daycare and after-school program run by Moales’ mother, Peggy Moales, and his sister, Kenya Moales-Byrd, is getting 60 of the 130 new slots awarded to the district and some $500,000 that goes with it”

Wait, What? Readers may remember a June 21st post about Moales and his conflict of interest.

Moales presently serves as the Vice Chairman of the school board that was appointed by the Malloy Administration when the State of Connecticut attempted to take over the Bridgeport Schools.  Following a Supreme Court ruling that the State’s action was illegal, the appointed board was allowed to continue its work until a special election could be held to select democratically elected members of a new Bridgeport board of education, an election that will take place in September.

Moales, who is also one of the Democratic Party’s endorsed candidates for the new board, not only voted to hire Bridgeport’s present $229,000 part-time superintendent of schools Paul Vallas, but helped lead the effort to extend Vallas’ contract in order to prevent the new board from selecting a different administrator.

As I wrote about a month ago, Kingdom’s Little Ones in Christ, Inc., a company affiliated with Prayer Tabernacle Church of Love, Inc., [Moales’ church] had received approximately $600,000 in public funds for day care and after school services” from the City of Bridgeport over the past year and more than $2.2 million since 2006.  You can find the details here:

As part of Governor Malloy’s “education reform” effort, the City of Bridgeport is now getting its share of an additional 1,000 early care slots.

The CT Post writes that according to Bridgeport’s director of early childhood education, the slots were “awarded based on strict state criteria that took into account whether providers had spaces immediately available, were already receiving early childhood slots from the state, had adequate and qualified staff and which were accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.”

Bridgeport’s School Readiness Council also plays a role in the allocation process and Moales’ sister serves on that committee.

When the allocations were announced late last week, the City of Bridgeport took 40 additional early education slots, Moales’ centers received 60 new slots and the remaining 30 will be given to other entities that provide these types of services.

When the CT Post asked Moales about the situation, he said that “it is not a conflict … I cannot apologize for being a leader in my community. I am not taking away anyone’s business”

While their corporate filings have not been properly maintained at the Secretary of State’s Office, Peggy Ann Moales, Kenneth Moales’ mother, appears to serve as the President of Kingdom’s Little Ones in Christ, Inc. and the President of Prayer Tabernacle Church of Love, Inc.

The full CT Post story can be read at more:

  • R.L.

    When do these bungholes start going to jail and how can any taxpayer money go to an organization called “Kingdom’s Little Ones Christian Academy”?

  • Not Born Yesterday

    How can it be that public tax dollar are going to a religious daycare center?!  Whatever happened to the “wall of separation”?  Whether religion is “taught” there or not, it’s very clearly an environment where fundamentalist Christian brainwashing is part of the agenda.

    • Buygoldandprosper

      Dan spread CityOfStamford tax dollars liberally to church’s as mayor. Usually in the form of “rent”. He has no problem and will keep an eye on the situation for you. Don’t worry. 

    • guest

      Thanks to Bush, and Obama’s renewal, “faith-based initiatives” are welcome to as much money at the public coffers as they can scoop up.  Teaching creationism, withholding medical information because it goes against god’s will and plan, praying away the gay–you name it, our government now funds it.

  • Sue

    At one BOE meeting, it was mentioned that the Right Rev. Moales called an attendee a “crack ho.”

    Bridgeport, keeping it classy.

    • jonpelto

      Maybe he meant it in a nice way….?

      Sent from my BlackBerry please excuss typos

      • Sue

         Probably not. But then, at least he didn’t call her an ‘assistant crack ho’. That’s a real dis.

    • sharewhut

      Ernie Newton was there/

      • sharewhut


  • Buygoldandprosper

    Dan is John Rowland in Demo-drag.
    Votes purchased in Bridgeport gave Dan his slim win.
    It has been payback time ever since and he is working furiously,not taking a day off,to ensure another victory by “shopping early”.
    Buying on lay-away,as it were.

    • jschmidt2

       Don’t ruin John’s name. He only specialized in hot tubs. That’s  chump change in comparison to Malloy.

      • Linda174

        And renovations, fancy cigars, fixed poker games and special
        project for Tomasso and all the others who had “gifts” for him, but don’t
        forget he found the lord in prison.

        • jschmidt2

           peanuts compared to Malloy’s shenanagins.

        • Linda174

          Big peanuts, small peanuts…both parties have members who are corrupt.

        • jschmidt2

           get back to us after reading this: UPDATE: 80 of 103 state employees dismissed during Malloy’s Emergency Food Stamp Investigation reinstated

  • EdM

    Little Kingdom of taxpayer dollars; will a madrassa be next?

    • Linda174

      A Pre school funded by tax dollars should not promote any religious beliefs…why are people only outraged when it is the Muslim religion?

      Same thing happened in Louisiana and vouchers. Religious schools were fine, mostly Christian, until a Muslim one was approved.

  • TMS

    Is there ANYone out there protecting the rights of the tax payers? Where’s the State’s Attorney General? Where are our legislators, ethics board? Why is this okay to give almost half of the tax dollars to a religious-affiliated school. How long will it be before we find out that the good reverend and his family have pocketed the majority of our money. I believe that what goes around, comes around and I can’t wait to see the mugshots of the Moales’ when the day comes.

    • Buygoldandprosper

      Mr. Jepsen and Dan go waaaay back.  Thank goodness he came back from his Florida hiatus to feed at the public trough.Don’t worry.
      If there is a conflict he will consult with Dan and they will take care of it.

  • guest

    Look, public schools cannot hold graduation ceremonies in churches.  The ACLU just fought the District of Enfield over this.  However, if it’s a matter of funneling taxpayer dollars to religious pre-schools, daycares, and parochial schools, that’s all fine and dandy.
    No graduations in a building where a glimpse at a religious icon might convert the entire senior class, or injure the sensibilities of someone from a different sect, but hours upon hours of indoctrination in the Kingdom’s Little Ones in Christ daycare.  Sounds positively Jeffersonian.
    By the way, Windham has totally lost out on getting much money for preschool slots.  Not only did Adamowski cut a vital program last fall, but, because he dillied and dallied over the roof situtation at Natchaug school, Natchaug’s kindergarten will now be taking up what would have been pre-school spaces at Kramer.  Adamowski also planned to add preschool to Natchaug’s population, so all those slots (15-30) are gone; plus all the space taken by Natchaug’s own kindergartners (50-60, I’m guessing) will displace the preschoolers.  So Windham schools take another step back in terms of early childhood and school readiness.
    Unless we can find some religious sect that wants to “educate” the youngest students…
    I would like to know if Moales and his followers were among those waiting for the ballots during the last gubernatorial election.  Just askin’.

  • Magister

    Sometimes I think it would be fun to write a satire about the reform movement. Unfortunately, reality keeps stealing all my material.

  • jschmidt2

    These are Democrats. They are always honest and I’m sure there is no favoritism going on here or deals because they are well connected. That could never happen with Democrats running things.

    • Linda174

      Nor the saintly Republicans!

      • jschmidt2

         Republicans can’t do anything now. The Dems control it all. Isn’t it nice living in a 1 party state.

        • R.L.

          Haven’t you learned yet?  They’re the same party.

  • guest

    whatever happened to “separation of church and state”?

  • Querculus

    Take away voters rights.  Check.  No bid contracts to software testing and textbook companies.  Check.  Fire teachers.  Check.  Give half a million to a supportive board member.  Check.  Cancel BOE meetings when it looks like people will show up.  Check.  Plan to close Bridgeport High Schools and open three charter high schools.  (and fire half of Bridgeport’s high school teachers) Check.

    Ye shall know the vine by its fruit.