May Day, May Day….

In this particular case it really is a double entendre…

Tomorrow, May 1st, 2012 – known as May Day in much of the rest of the world – will see the truth finally come out about Connecticut impending budget crisis and the price the rest of us will pay for Dan Malloy’s decision to coddle Connecticut’s super rich.

In the beginning, perhaps they actually thought that wishful thinking would be a sufficient force to correct the problem.

If the economy would only get better, Connecticut’s state budget would balance itself.

But months ago it was already clear that despite that wishful thinking, Connecticut’s budget was in deep trouble and the forecast for this fiscal year was grim and next year’s was disastrous.

However, instead of coming clean and providing the people of our state with the truth, the administration developed a complex set of half-truths and outright lies in order to ensure that few understood the mistakes that had been made and fewer still appreciated the magnitude of the budget hole that would, in time, appear.

Taking a page for George Orwell’s 1984, Ben Barnes, Malloy’s budget chief, along with the Governor and his primary advisers downplayed the problems hoping for – I don’t know what.

But like much in life, the march of time proved stronger than the political rhetoric.

Over the course of the next few days, Connecticut will finally learn the downside of an economic strategy based on the notion that if you protect the wealthiest among us, their largess with trickle down and fill our empty bowls.

Stay tuned….

  • Buygoldandprosper

    I can’t think of a better person to meet with the Irish President than Dan Malloy. They can share thoughts on how to run their little slices of heaven into the ground. I also find it typical that Dan has to go to NYC to get his facetime with the president, who will then leave NYC for Boston…not even thinking of visiting the Nutmeg state.

  • Buygoldandprosper

    A retroactive Suggestion box could be just what the doctor ordered.
    Dan is doing the old song and dance…sending out Ben and the other henchmen to make excuses.Shared sacrifice. First Five Jive.Connecticut is open for Business…
    An example of Dan’s hardball failure was the announcement Texas made today. Like other states with savvy leaders who can compromise,they made up with Amazon and worked out a deal for the company to collect taxes while also getting the company to expand and bring real jobs into their states. And Dan? He is still paying (with state money) fly-by-night operators to locate here in one-two-three person operations so he can pursue his visions. Peyote perhaps?
    The Teachings Of Dan Malloy…A Yankee Way of Knowledge

  • sharewhut

    Remember, this is the ‘Nutmeg State’, and this crew IS living up to the popular reason for the name’s origin…
    (and I suppose we all (administration included) could be guilty of the second school of thought- we’re pounding on something to get the ‘whole nut’ at once rather than grating off bits at a time for optimum flavor/results).

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