No Need to Wait Bridgeport – Superman has arrived and he walks in the form of Paul Vallas.

Paul Vallas Photo Courtesy of prx

First Chicago, then Philadelphia, New Orleans (with a stop in Haiti along the way) and now Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Paul Vallas, the self-anointed successful story of what happens when you give the leading “Education Reform CEO” a chance to set things right is busy “saving” the Bridgeport School System.

In Philadelphia, Vallas is known as the man who “presided over the nation’s largest experiment in privatized management of schools, with the management of over 40 schools turned over to outside for-profits, nonprofits, and universities beginning in Fall 2002.”

Now, with a salary of only $229,000 a year, Vallas’ Bridgeport plan is taking shape. (see April 22 Wait, What Post)

For those of you who can step away from the blinding glare of his success for a moment; you’ll find his field of battle is strewn with the hopes and dreams of the parents and children who were unfortunate enough to live in the laboratories he called his dominion.

Take Philadelphia, for example.

After proclaiming his 2002-2007 tenure as an extraordinary turnaround success, Philadelphia’s School District is now dissolving – literally.

Philadelphia’s “Chief Recovery Officer” Thomas Knudsen announced today that forty schools will close next year with six more schools every year after than until 2017.

In a must read story on today’s The Naked City Blog , Daniel Denvir writes that “the remaining schools would get chopped up into “achievement networks” where public or private groups compete to manage about 25 schools, and the central office would be chopped down to a skeleton crew of about 200. District HQ has already eliminated about half of the 1,100-plus positions that existed in 2010.”

Wait, that sort of sounds like what Vallas is talking about doing in Bridgeport.

The blog goes on to reveal that “charter schools will teach an estimated 40 percent of students by 2017.”

And the “Chief Recovery Officer” add that “all custodial, maintenance and transportation work [will be outsourced] to private companies unless union workers could underbid them.”

In response to a request about how vital educational services will be provided, the “Chief Recovery Officer” said that “the things that other networks do in other parts of the country…is that these networks attract resources.”

So children of Philadelphia, have no fear, rich people are going to donate money so you can get an education after all.

HEY WAIT!  This is exactly what Vallas is talking about doing in Bridgeport!

What the hell is wrong with these people!

To read the Philadelphia school post go to:

  • Linda174

    What a bright future Bridgeport has under his leadership and all for $229,000 a year. We sure are spending a lot of money on consultants, refomers, education experts, etc…

    Add up all these salaries and I wonder how many teachers we could hire  to work directly with children – where the real work takes place.

  • Buygoldandprosper

    Dan Malloy got his dick wet (sorry…I am a slob) back in Stamford when he did an end-run around the custodian union and got his buddy Al Barbarotta and his company placed in charge of facilities. I never figured out the extent of his contract but it is lucrative. While not quite crushing the union,it must have  been satisfying because Dan seems to want to carry on his crusade.
    An aside–good old Al tripped a while back and sued UBS and collected quiet a sum after a lawsuit.It sort of tells you what kind of guy he is!  A Trumbull leech,feeding on Stamford taxpayers.

  • guest

    I cannot read The Philadelphia Story just yet.
    It will be too depressing.
    How could they?  Well, at least Nate Snow of TFA and Bridgeport can breathe a sigh of relief.

    We can’t mourn for too long, though.  We cannot let these privatizers ruin these children’s lives.

  • guest

    We are becoming too balkanized in Connecticut.  We need to stand together, as parents, students, teachers, and concerned citizens, and stop this travesty in Bridgeport.  This has nothing to do with education.
    Most of the “tools” in Vallas’s kit are the same as those of Adamowski, Rhee, and other reformers.  Shrink the central office.  Make “neighborhood”, community schools.  Redraw bus routes.  Find alternative pathways to certification for the temp teaching force.  All of these things put people out of work.  So many jobs are lost.  Many are reconstituted so as to lower pay and remove benefits. 
    The economy will never recover.  And neither will the children, whose lives will be further devastated by the automated education they receive.
    Was Vallas the one who reduced lunch to 10 minutes and cut recess while in Chicago?

    • savage

      I just watched a film about the civil rights movement. The vision of thousands and thousands of people filling the mall in Washington, D.C. was inspiring. That’s what we need here–a massive march on the state Capitol building.

      • savage

        How did the teachers’ march go today, by the way? What are the plans for tomorrow? I couldn’t make it today, but was hoping to be able to get up there tomorrow.

        • Linda174

          Ct post and Courant are reporting 1,000 and three legislators spoke. Malloy couldn’t make it for some reason.

      • guest


  • RA

    This guy sounds like exactly what is WRONG with these education/capitalism messiahs. False prophets.

  • savage

    Rick Green is at it again. See his latest piece of Malloy propaganda:

    • Linda174

      I just read it….honestly, does he get his orders from Roy O.? He clearly is not capable of learning new information.

      • savage

        A simple google search will provide him with ample evidence that:

        1. There is no solid evidence that charter schools are any more effective at serving the urban populations than normal public schools.

        2. There is ample evidence that a larger percentage of funding goes toward administration than into the classroom in charter schools.

        So, either Rick doesn’t know how to read, is too lazy to look for info outside of what is fed to him, or he is willing to lie to serve his master.

    • CT_Dad

      the 1995-1996 school year, the number of for-profit education management organizations in the US has increased
      from 5 to 99, and the number of “public” schools they operate for-profit has increased from 6 to
      758. It’s estimated that total for-profit enrollment has grown from approximately 1,000
      students in 1995-1996 to 394,096 in 2010-2011….
      …. and growing still.

  • savage
  • We need to stop this tidal wave of privatizing education –right now–right here in CT—-Teachers, Parents and students are losing this battle all across the country–as Corporate interests have gotten a foothold in somehow so that they can add to their enormous coffers—AND NOW AT THE EXPENSE OF OUR KIDS AND AT THE EXPENSE OF OUR COUNTRY—Public Education is a right for all our citizens——if it is taken over by big money then noone will have that right–only people that they choose–and with only profit in mind–not your kid’s future—-Please stand with me in denouncing SB24 for the sham it is—The Substitute Bill must not pass — it helps noone but selfish adults—Please Mr. Wiliams, Mr. Fleischman, Ms. Stillman and Mr. Donovan–say it aint so–cause I know YOUR hearts are in the right place–but we must not compromise on this bill for this will be the beginning of the end—–Do NOT pass this BILL—do it for my kids Callie and Casey and for all our kids futures–Lets start a REAL conversation like we did in New Haven—

    • savage

      Amen, Tommy Burns!

  • ConcernedTeacher

    The fact alone that Adamowski was given $1 million for Windham schools and only spent about HALF of that money on actual “improvements” and the other half on his salary and bennies and his cronies too goes to show what kind of people we have running the show.

    The people who make the least amount of money (teachers) in any school district are directly in the firing line.

    We privatize education and it’s BOTTOMS UP!!

    • savage

      I wholeheartedly agree. Look at Windham to see just the tip of the iceberg regarding how these “reformers” operate. Except I doubt that even half is going to end up going to the kids.  

      • ConcernedTeacher

        I was VERY generous with my figure there….

  • savage

    Once again–can anyone provide info re the timing of the teachers’ rally tonight? Am trying to work around my own work schedule and the schedules of my kids and would love to support the teachers. But, don’t want to drive all the way out to Hartford, deal with parking, then find out that I’ve missed the whole thing. Anyone?

    • Thomasweaver1996

      buses begin arriving at 5:30…rally starts at 6p

  • Linda174

    arrival 5:30-6:30, rally starts at 6:30-7:30

  • Mbracksieck

    You have to read this article written by a Philly parent.  Sounds like the future of CT education reform to me: