Heeee’s Back: Malloy Ally Adamowksi Continues to Maneuver for a Larger Teachers Retirement Pension.

Not Again?  Yup…

The effort to bump up Malloy ally and fellow education reformer Steven Adamowski’s state funded Teachers Retirement pension continues — and it continues Malloy’s strange notion of “shared sacrifice” – in which middle and working income families pay more than their fair share in taxes while the Malloy administration uses their governmental power to advance the monetary gain of certain individuals.

Readers will remember that Governor Malloy’s “Education Reform” bill included special language that retroactively gave Steven Adamowski an extra four years of retirement credit for the time he served as Superintendent of Schools in Hartford.  Connecticut law requires participants in the Teachers Retirement System to be certified which Adamowski is not nor did he even try to become certified during his five years in Hartford.

When asked about the special provision, Governor Malloy responded that there was no “Adamowski provision.” The Democrats on the Education Committee then stripped the language from the bill.

Additional information has now becoming available about an ongoing attempt by the Malloy administration to get retirement credits for Adamowski’s present work as “Special Master” for the Windham Schools despite the fact that he doesn’t meet the criteria there as well.

In August 2011, Connecticut’s Department of Education appointed Adamowski to be the “Special Master” in their successful effort to take over the Windham Schools.

However, instead of signing a contract with Adamowski directly, the Department of Education persuaded SERC (The State Education Resource Center, a nonprofit agency primarily funded by the Connecticut State Department of Education http://ctserc.org) to sign the contract with Adamowski and the Education Department would reimburse SERC for all costs associated with the contract.

By choosing SERC, the Commissioner of Education was able to by-pass some of the state’s personnel hiring process.

A labor lawyer who is very knowledgeable with the laws and regulations governing the Teachers Retirement System recently reviewed the “Employment Agreement” between SERC and Adamowski.  The lawyer reports that it appears the state’s intention was to make Adamowski a SERC employee, although the contract provides Adamowski with benefits that no other SERC employee receives and he is not listed as an employee on  SERC’s employee directory.

In addition to his two-year $76,000 in benefits and $450,000 in salary, the contract between the Malloy administration, SERC and Adamowski includes contract language that reads “Dr. Adamowski will be eligible to continue membership in the Connecticut Teachers’ Retirement System.”

Of course, as we now know from the other attempt to boost Adamowski’s pension, in order to participate in the Connecticut Teachers Retirement System, the state funded pension program for retired teachers, employees must meet one of the criteria laid out in Connecticut General Statute Section 10-183b (26).

As of 2007, the list of who is allowed into the Teachers Retirement Fund was expanded to include “a member of the staff of the State Education Resource Center established pursuant to section 10-4q employed in a professional capacity while possessing a certificate or permit issued by the State Board of Education.”

Note that the language that says that any employee participating in the Teachers Retirement System must possess “a certificate or permit issued by the State Department of Education” remained in place.

As we know, Adamowski does not have a Connecticut education certificate.  In addition, although the law does not define what a “permit” issued by the State Department of Education actually is, there is no indication that Adamowski was ever issued a “permit” to do anything in conjunction with Connecticut’s education system.

The lawyer reviewing the contract between SERC and Adamowski said that, based on their reading of the law, “it is highly unlikely” that Adamowski would be able to claim that his years as Windham Special Master should be added to his pension.

However, PAYMENTS ARE BEING MADE on Adamowski’s behalf to the Teachers Retirement Fund for his present work as “Special Master.”

The Malloy administration and Steven Adamowski’s various attempts to add years to his pension would have a significant benefit for Adamowski.

Not only would Adamowksi get a larger pension for each year he is part of the Teacher Retirement Fund, but under state law, for every two years of Connecticut service he may purchase one more year of his out-of-state work to add to his Connecticut years.

Taken together, this means that the Malloy Administration’s attempt to get him back into the Teacher’s Retirement Program for his two years as Special Master would increase his pension by about $13,500 a year.

If the Malloy administration can get the original Adamowski language back into the “Education Reform” bill or attach it to another bill, his time in Hartford and as Special Master would push his pension up by $40,500 a year.

All of this on top of the pension he will be getting for his ten years of in-state work during the 1970s and 80s and the four years he has out-of-state service he has already purchased.

A request I sent for an explanation about this issue from the State Department of Education has yet to be answered.

  • Ray

    You could hire a lot of extra help tutors with that pension money.

  • Marie

    Don’t forget Education Committee, it’s all about the children.

  • Guest

    I want this phrase repeated and repeated. NO MORE YEARS! NO MORE YEARS! How does Malloy think he’s going to be re-elected? A proven track record of going after unions. A proven track record for raising a record amount of taxes on the middle class and poor. A proven track record of corruption. He’s finished. 

    Where is the ethics commission?

    • Hmalchow

      Again I will say…has anyone contacted the Ethics Comission?  State’s attourney’s office??  FACEBOOK FACEBOOK, Eyewitness news??

  • Striking

    What a crock

  • Follow the Money

    Oh I get it – April Fool’s! No?

    So let me understand this. The state, despite the fact that they enacted legislation to fully fund the teacher’s retirement plan, reneged on that promise about a year or so later. They underfunded it by millions for years, even though every teacher in the state is required to contribute around 7% per paycheck to the fund. Teachers are ineligible for social security in Connecticut and about a dozen other states.

    And now, payments are being made for Adamowski, who is not, nor has he ever been, a certified administrator in this state, as required by statute. But I guess that doesn’t count. He has not put a red cent into the TEACHER’S retirement fund, and yet, he will collect more than he should ever be entitled to. He is taking money AWAY from the teachers who did contribute for years. The state makes the laws and the state breaks the laws because they can, can, can.

    Are you sure this isn’t an April Fool’s joke?

  • Concerned Teacher

    Is there ANY good lawyer out there willing to take up the fight against this BULLSPIT!?!  This is just plain ridiculous!! He’s collecting an already exorbitant salary (highest paid TEACHER, read:GOLD COAST, doesn’t make HALF of his salary) AND he’s NOT certified in this state!! PLUS, he’ll get a pension based on all this??

    Malloy needs to go! Gross misuse of funds, power, influence….the list goes on.

  • J deSmet

    How ironic.  Malloy wants to put in language to fire all of the teachers and rehire without unions, or with severely restricted unions, yet Adamowski expects all of the negotiated union benefits without contributing or doing the work to become certified.

    It’s so two-faced it’s sickening.  And the egos displayed are astounding.  Administrators are considered superior to the “little people.” 

    But this has been Malloy’s modus operandi with all of his cabinet members.  They walked into raises before they started to work, while everyone else took cuts.

    It’s the business model, where CEO’s earn huge salaries in return for cutting jobs.  It’s destroyed the economy, but CT is following that disastrous path, led by our dead Democrats.  A Republican couldn’t get away with this crap! 

  • guest

    Adamowski’s “job” as Special Master involves no known office hours, no contact with parents or teachers, and no provision for evaluating his performance… Evaluations anyone?  The whole thing is a terrible joke.
    Adamowski should be removed ASAP and the money redirected to children, pre-school, and other dire necessities in Windham’s starved education budget.
    And can we please have some closer looks at those early Adamowski years in Connecticut?  Did he contribute correctly in those years?  What about certification then?

  • Matthew Valenti

    Unbelievable.  Once again Malloy is on his road trip, doing for his friends, not for the kids.  I’m writing the legislators. 

  • jschmidt2

    like to see this written up in the The Courant or NH Register. But I won’t hold my breath.

    • jonpelto

      Me too, its all there and yet they just won’t run the story. I don’t get it. Such perfect and sad reminder of how the system “works” in parts of govenrment

  • CES

    There’s right and there’s wrong…where’s our legal department?  Why isn’t this being splayed all over the TV and news???  We could help a community or two with all that salary and pension!!

  • Doolinpup

    For the first time in my life, I’ll vote Republican … Malloy is shameful.

  • TonyT

    Just think I voted for Malloy and the C.E.A. endorsed him.  I want to know how much he has “shared sacrifice” in this econonmy.

  • Buygoldandprosper

    Republicans like Big John The Felon Rowland?
    Stop with the party politics.They are equally pathetic,and guilty,in this state.

    • sharewhut

      The fact of the matter is that a Republican governor couldn’t get away with any of this. We would see our brave Democratic controlled legislature stand up and block the villainous cad in the executive office from ravaging the state treasury to benefit his cronies. And the unions would be standing right behind them trumpeting how the legislators were saving the middle class and protecting us all from the greedy, corrupt, big moneyed business interests.
      A Democratic governor? “Well, even if we don’t like, agree, or believe in what he’s doing he IS one of our own so we can’t risk making him look bad can we?”.
      No shame in the governor’s office and no balls in the legislature.
      I don’t think Con John even dreamed of trying anything on this scale.

  • Quest

    It is amazing that a person who makes a quarter of million dollars is not required to physically sit in the district. Making matters even more interesting it is my understanding that he doesnt even sit on the same floor as other SDE employees.  To be fair this type of special treatment started before Commissioner Pryor. It actully began under the leadership of the former Acting Commissioner George Coleman.

    • jonpelto

      actually that is a good point – although I’m not sure Coleman was the type of come up with some of these ideas… which means there are still a couple of key players yet to be personally introduced to this little dance

  • anniemil

    Since we’re on the subject of the special master from Windham…he announced today in the Norwich Bulletin he’s starting a STEM magnet school in Windham, due to open 9/13. “Design team” to be formed immediately; principal to be named in the coming month and also a director of schools, yet to be named. More positions for the capitalist cronies. See http://www.norwichbulletin.com/news/education/x221029140/Northeast-Conn-to-get-its-1st-magnet-school#axzz1qtxjXUqo  

  • jonpelto

    Dear Steven…. maybe I call you steven. I want to apologize for the things I may have said about your. I’m an expert in STEM. (i.e. tree stems, stem cells, anything that has to do with stems). If you hire me for $145,000 a year plus benefits I’ll start writing only good things about you. …. okay I’ll await your call…. your capitalist cronie in waiting,