Malloy’s Office Tells Rick Green – Oh, Yeah, About that Anti-union rally – He can’t make it.

Moments ago Rick Green posted the following to his blog:

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“Gov. Malloy will not appear at a March education rally being organized by a coalition of parent groups. The parents hope to have Michelle Rhee, the former Washington D.C. Schools chancellor who enrages teacher unions with her reform ideas, at the event. Although the Connecticut Parents Union announced that Malloy had committed to the event, the governor’s office says he will not be attending. Probably a wise move. Rhee and her supporters can be very useful to Malloy as he looks for support for his education reform plan. Standing up in public with her, however, would just annoy the teacher unions.

PS:  Rick, It is more than just the “teacher unions” that are shocked and  upset that Dan Malloy would join Michelle Rhee or any of the others who are leading the anti-teacher movement.

  • Kiersten Marek

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    To alienate the ed reformers or to not alienate the ed reformers, that is the question…

    • jonpelto

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    This raises the miniscule question of: A) Was Malloy even planning on going, or was this a ploy by the CPU?; B) A change of heart/strategy on delivering his proposals? or C) Does Malloy honestly has better things to do than rallies?
    My guess is B), but in actuality is a combo of B/C. I find that (over the past year) Malloy prefers to stand before rallies and press conferences that are of his own initiative and ideas.

  • Prester John

    Starting to waffle.Always a bad sign.
    Time for another trip out of state,quick!
    Or a speech to a bunch of grade school kids.
    I can’t wait to hear him blame everyone,all the way back to Jonathen Trumbull,for his budget song and dance.

  • Tom Burns

    Thank you Governor Malloy–your attendance at this divisive so called rally would have hurt the collaborative relationship we have built over the past years with our BOE’s and local governments—–Michelle Rhee has no place in CT–as neither does Gov. Christie who you have shamed with your positive actions—–Rhee is all about conflict and hurting others while enriching herself–my challenge to Ms. Rhee (the legend) is to teach in Hartford and/or New Haven for the next four years and show us what she’s got—-heck she might even earn tenure–
    This woman has never had a real job in her life yet made the cover of TIME—lets make her as irrelavent as she has already proven to be—you are not welcome here to spew your unproductive venomous rhetoric—
    CT’s parents will not put up with your facade–WE ARE AN EDUCATED BUNCH–get rich on someone else’s kids-
    And if Athena and Gwen would really like to discuss how to improve the situation for all students in CT and across this nation –then they need to invite ne and my colleagues to present our transformative idea for education here in New Haven—we already have the plan—now we just need to make sure it happens—When has CONFLICT ever worked–without buy in there is no passion from top to bottom–Ms. Rhees top-down approach just follows what educational leaders have done for decades–and thats why our COLLABORATIVE approach (lthough difficult) has become the nations HOPE–
    She certainly does not want to succeed–for if we do—–where will she go–I’ll hazard a guess, she wont want to return to the classroom—but I still challenge her to do so–next year–pick a school in Hartford or New Haven–lets see her response

  • From by CTNewsjunkie Staff

    When the Connecticut Parents Union teamed up with Michelle Rhee’s StudentsFirst is when Gov. Dannel P. Malloy decided not to attend a March 14 rally being sponsored by the group.

    “As much as the governor respects people’s rights to be a part of the education dialogue, Ms. Rhee has at times been a divisive figure,“ Malloy’s Senior Communications Adviser Roy Occhiogrosso said Monday. “And the governor is determined to try and have this discussion about education reform in a way that’s not divisive.”